Blast from the Past: The Surviving American Apprentice Teaching Pastor

We had such a fun time making this video to introduce the congregation to Wes Hamilton (circa 2005)

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Shaker Throw – Caught on Tape!

Russell literally didn’t miss a beat!

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Want to know what happens behind the scenes?  Check out this video of our team in action during one of our Easter services in 2013!

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EASTER 2013 – Stage Time-lapse Video

We struck the stage Sunday after service, and then had a mad dash to get it set again in time for our final line checks on Thursday. This 3min video shows that work from Sunday afternoon & through Thursday afternoon. What a great team we have!

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Rockwall Auditorium Time Lapse

We’ve undergone HUGE renovations in our Rockwall Auditorium this year. Here’s a look at 6 months of transformation!

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Check out an example of what happens behind the scenes with our team each service!

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Recent Videos


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Media Team at Lake Pointe is: To create an atmosphere that helps people connect to God. We have a little saying: ”We will go unseen and count it an honor.” This is the spirit of our team.